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Combine strategy & execution

Our expertise is to help you better define your Brand strategy.

Our approach starts systematically with getting sharp consumer insights.

But we are an atypical consulting firm and we also love operational challenges.

Once the project is defined and planed we can help you walk the talk and manage the execution.

That way, your resources stay focused on the base business and you control the marginal cost of developing new activities.

Provide a true business experience

Our scope is focused on industries in which we have a strong experience.

This intimate knowledge of your environment helps us root our recommendations in your business reality.

Our team is international. We see globalisation as an opportunity and are trained to overcome its inherent challenges.

We have an in-depth experience of building partnerships and managing license agreements. We can help you expand your brand to new categories.

We’re providing consulting services but we also know what the real business is about. That’s because we’ve been there before.

Manage the cost base & optimise the ROI

We keep it simple to be efficient and focus on deliverables that are key to you.

We are a fast and agile company and customize the team based on each project. Our cost base is optimized so that you only pay for the actual working time and not for crazy overheads.

We are obsessed with optimising your ROI. We want to pull together marketing plans making a real difference.

We are senior-level partners and commit to do the job ourselves. This is for you the opportunity to benefit from an experienced team at a competitive cost.