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Expand a fragrance brand to other categories
within the beauty market

Definition of the strategy & expansion plans to new markets for a fragrance brand.
Selection of the most appropriate brand values to guide the new product development needed.
Advertising execution based on emotional cues to emerge in banalised mass markets.
Adaptation of the organisation to manage this brand expansion at competitive costs.
Optimisation of marketing investments to succeed in multiple categories and trade channels.


Create a product range under license
of a global sport brand

Definition of a positioning to adapt the core values of sport to a different universe.
Creation of a product offer consistent with the mother brand image to stay true to its authenticity.
Communication strategy to emerge as a licensed sub-brand despite – or thanks to – the masterbrand activity.
Creation of impactful promotional themes aligned with global sport events.
Leveraging the global brand awareness to succed in a international expansion.


Introducing European brands
in emerging markets

Definition of a business plan for Asia, Latin America & Russia.
Negotiation of commercial partnerships with local players.
Adaptation of the product offer to local consumer taste & habits.
Localising advertising execution without compromising the global equity image.


Improve Revenue and Profitability
of promotional cycles

Consolidation of the promotional Xmas offer for all the brands of a company
with a dedicated organisation & process.

Transformation of the operational method of brand by brand promotions
to a create a transversal approach for the company covering all market prices.

Improvement of the perceived quality through economies of scale,
gross margin growth, sales forecast improvement & inventory optimisation.



Innovate with technology transfer

Definition of a R&D strategy for a brand acting as a challenger in a market
dominated by far more powerful corporations.

Disruptive innovation with the introduction of a different formulation system in a market
where all players focus on improving an existing technology.

Acceleration of the go to market process thanks to R&D partnerships with other industries.

Advertising execution for innovation in a mature market dominated by institutional players.


Shifting investments
from traditional mass media to digital

Launch of a new fragrance brand for teenagers to reach a global top 3 ranking.
Designing a complete digital ecosystem for an iconic brand.
Creation of digital brand messaging for a fragrance brand.
Optimisation of content production costs given the volume of assets needed to stay visible in the Digital sphere


Rejuvenate a brand consumer profile
thanks to partnerships with celebrities

Creation of the ‘celebrity ’ segment in the fragrance market :
imposing stars (actors, singers …) as fragrance creators in a market dominated by fashion designers.

Negotiation of license agreements and management of the relationship with celebrities.

Communication strategy to best leverage their awareness to create blockbuster launches.

Creation of specific marketing plans to optimise ROI in light
of the short product lifecycle imposed by the rapid renewal of the « Fame » business.



Define the communication strategy
of a leading sport brand to kick-off its new sponsorship
with the French national football team

Disruptive launch strategy with the creation of compelling brand stories focusing
on the new national kits as well as the iconic athletes sponsored by the brand.

Strategy to get viral as much as possible, with digital content at the core.

Generate interest and demand for the new kits beyond the circle of specialized media
and football lovers, and kick-off a new era of coolness for French national team kits.

Implement an influencer strategy to amplify the brand message
amongst harder-to-reach communities.


Structure an organisation
around consumer categories

Merger of divisions inherited from a trade channel logic
to create an organisation structured by a consumer logic.

Definition of a global marketing organisation
(mission, organizational chart, workplace descriptions, work process…)

Optimising fixed costs whilst improving work motivation with a larger responsability scope.

Achieving significant productivity gains with outside partners (Suppliers & Distributors).


Defining a new product development (NPD)
process for stronger financial performance

Transformation of an industrial process focused on technical readiness to one
which puts business opportunities & risks at its heart for a more strategic vision of innovation.

Setting up KPIs to ensure a steady improvement of the gross margin with each innovation.

New methodologies of data crossing between stakeholders to improve
planning & forecasting of new products launches.


Setting up a digital asset management platform
for an international marketing organisation

Design for the company of a digital platform to share all marketing assets
(advertising campaigns, product information, sales folders …) for a portfolio of 40 international brands.

Service improvement for the subsidiaries (instant access to a complete database),
optimised advertising rendition quality, significant cost savings, improved control of copyrights…)

More frequent use by the subsidiaries of the centrally developed marketing elements
to reduce the useless duplication of work.